I Like My Fish Filleted

Fish HeadWelcome to my blog Avocados and Pancakes! I never would have believed that one day I’d be starting a food blog. This is simply because I didn’t particularly enjoy eating and I especially didn’t enjoy cooking. Eating to me was just one of those things, a necessity of life, that got in the way of living. Oh, how wrong I was! What I began to discover four years ago is that I just never tasted food the way it was meant to be eaten. Once I discovered eating I discovered cooking.

I grew up in a small Midwestern town with no particular culinary heritage. I suppose I ate what most small town American kids eat, the small repertoire of things your mother knows how to cook. Usually dinner was some form of spaghetti, meatloaf, hamburger, pizza, mystery casserole, and plenty of “home cooked” meals from a box. (Who knew you could make your own stuffing?) No offense to my mother, she is a great cook now, just not then. Yes, my culinary appetite was starved but I didn’t know it yet.

Then, I moved out on my own to a big tall skyscraper in a big tall city and the thing that changed most about me was the way I ate. Sure, at first I stuck with what I knew. Ramen noodles anyone? Admittedly, I thought I was clever when I added broccoli to it. Eventually, I was acquainted with Italian food the way the Italians make it and middle eastern food from the Palestinians. I finally discovered the way food was meant to be eaten. With this realization, I found myself in the kitchen cooking more and more. For the past four years, I’ve been cooking almost every night and learning what our great grandmothers knew about cooking. It’s better when you make it yourself.

So, because I am recently new to this whole wide world of food, there’s a lot left for me to explore. I don’t believe in pretentious ingredients. I’ll leave the truffle oil and lavender scented foam to the pros. I don’t think I’ll ever suck a fish head or eat a raw oyster, but I’ll continue to try new food and new recipes and this blog is where you can witness my kitchen successes and failures.


3 responses to “I Like My Fish Filleted

  1. Cynthia Ekdahl

    Oh my beautiful blogger. Everything looks wonderful. We just bought a bottle of Cindy’s Kitchen Real Blue Cheese dressing. Can’t wait to try it.

  2. I think I’m in the same spot food-wise as you were a few years ago. Still having some trouble moving beyond that, but hopefully your recipes will give me a little extra motivation 🙂

  3. Once you cook a little bit and get to know some basics, it really is rewarding. We still need to have a dinner party one of these days too.

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