The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Crab Bouillabaisse

crab bouillabaisse

Yes, no lie, I’ve had the best meal of my life. It didn’t come from a highly acclaimed restaurant or from the kitchen of a famous chef. It was made right here in our little kitchen. The mister and I couldn’t stop talking about it the whole time we ate. We just sat there stunned at first and then felt a little more euphoric with every bite. By the end of the meal, neither of us wanted to move. We kept saying over and over to each other, “I can’t believe we just made that”. It wasn’t even challenging to prepare, and that is the real beauty of it.

tomatoes and spices

This dish is commonly made in the mister’s home country of Mauritius. A bouillabaisse, as you could deduct by the name, is a traditional dish from France. A French bouillabaisse is a soup containing various kinds of fish, shellfish, vegetables, and herbs. The Mauritians put their own twist on it and prepare it with crab. So, using our cookbook we picked up in Mauritius, the mister and I followed suit. We made our own little changes to it, using snow crab instead of the blue swimmer crabs you find in Mauritius and adding heavy cream. Adding heavy cream, in my humble opinion, will make everything better. I like to think that if they had heavy cream in Mauritius this is the way they would make it too. It was so decadent, with the spiciness of the hot peppers contrasted by the sweet, creaminess of the crab and cream. It is my idea of the perfect dish. Sorry, I’m not ready to give this recipe up quite yet. For now, it’ll be our family’s secret recipe.

chunks of crab

{photos by Avocados and Pancakes}

3 responses to “The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Crab Bouillabaisse

  1. will you make this for me sometime? i would love to try the best thing you ever ate 🙂

  2. Surely!

  3. Looks to die for! Oh My

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